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Custom Basement Finishing


The Design can make all the difference. Whether you intend to do the construction yourself or you already know that you will require a basement finishing specialist to do the work for you, always remember that a beautiful custom basement doesn't just happen. The carefully thought out design is your roadmap to creating a valuable and enjoyable place.

BCC owner/operator Rick Kyle has designed and constructed more than 150 basements since 2001.With that depth of experience Rick knows how to make almost any basement “come to life” Every basement space is different, so each one requires it’s own detailed analysis. The goal of every custom-designed basement plan is to create” a basement that doesn’t look like a basement” and THAT is where the years of design and basement construction experience pays off!

For example:
Because the basement is considered unfinished space and, as such, doesn't need to conform to some code issues, home builders - when constructing the main floors - typically pay little attention to how the basement is affected. As a result, gas line and fresh air supply ducts are almost always run in the most unfavorable locations when a homeowner starts to consider the space layout options for an attractive and useful basement. With years of experience to our credit and over 100 completed basement projects, The Basement Construction Company will design your basement to hide, blend and, in some cases, relocate these obstructions so that the room doesn't look like a basement. This is the true art of fine basement finishing.

Also, some basements are equipped with existing drain rough-ins. These are drains that a future toilet or shower can connect to when the space is finished. We have discovered that the location of most basement rough-ins almost never conforms to the highest and best use of the space in total. Most construction remodelers will build the basement space around these existing rough-ins (and at the client's request, we will too-( See- Cost plus 15%); unfortunately sometimes using the existing location of these rough-ins can be to the detriment of the best use of the space or your required use of the space. The "easy way" is seldom the best way to achieve both value and quality.

- FYI -

Most high end basement projects require a combination of several, if not all, of the above discussion to achieve a unique and beautiful custom basement finish. Unfortunately, the time, material and expertise to implement these custom actions necessitate detailed analysis and planning. Therefore, expect $30+/sf pricing for such nonstandard actions.

The Basement Construction Company no longer provides Free Basement Designs and estimates. BCC charges a travel, consultation and if elected, basement measure fee. This fee will range from $65 to $95 depending on the project location. All design plans will cost either $250 or $350 depending on basement size (over/under 1200sf). This design plan will be the property of the Homeowner and may be used for permitting, to collect bids from other General Contractors or the Homeowner may act as the GC and "bid out" the plans to Tradesmen direct.

If BCC is asked to bid the project the HO may request 1 of 3 price quote options:

1. A free verbal price estimate may be sent via e-mail.

. The client may request a written detailed Quote for the entire project for a fee of $125. Detailed written Quotes include: Framing, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Drywall,trim, paint and carpet.If BCC is chosen to build out the entire project this design fee will be credited back to the HO as prepaid deposit.

3. Individual trade quotes may be requested EX. plumbing only- $25ea. As justification for these fees please reread the above paragraphs. BCC seldom is the cheapest priced contractor but never the highest. You will find our designs and pricing details to be invaluable to your project evaluation experience.

We are here to help you with your projects and offer many options to fit your needs. We want to hear from you. Feel free to contact us today.

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basements Georgia