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Available for Custom Design/Redesign/Remodel Projects only


The Basement Construction Company does not believe in "guesswork". “Ballpark” estimates can have very little meaning when it comes to custom basement construction. How can anyone honestly estimate the cost of a construction project without knowing what he is going to construct? There are so many variables including: electrical (# of circuits), plumbing, HVAC (how many/how long), new wall construction, ceiling soffitt, number of doors, style of trim, finishes (ceramic or granite tile, square feet of carpet). We cannot correctly estimate any of these without first creating the design to price from.

Therefore, when you are ready to expertly build out your basement space, we will come to you, design and price a custom construction plan we think (together you and we) is right for your basement. All of our designs employ the concept of "highest and best use" of your basement space, thereby ensuring the highest possible return for your investment dollar, should you ever need to sell.

During our visit to your basement we will share with you a photo album containing additional samples of our work and we will talk about your project intentions. We will explore what it is that you want to accomplish with the basement construction - how you plan to use the space, what elements you need and want (wet bars, ½ or full baths, exercise or theatre rooms etc.), and we will want to consider who the space is for (yourselves, kids, in-laws). It's a good idea to start thinking about all of these things before we get together.

During our visit, we will measure everything: walls, ceiling heights, rough-ins, heat ducts, windows, utilities etc. With all of these detailed measurements we will then design and price a construction plan according to all of your criteria.

In about 1 week we will email our 1st look at the basement design. We will discuss this layout and rework it according to our phone discussion. Once we have reviewed a few of these layouts with 3d’s we should be very close to a final design. Once the final plan has been agreed on the electrical details will be added and a full size ¼” scale plan will be mailed to you. Should you request a project price quote we will then prepare a 12 page detailed proposal and project materials list which will include all required fixtures and the exact total construction costs.

In closing, you only have one basement, and this is your chance to "do it your way" so you should do it right the first time. The Basement Construction Company believes you have a right to know, in advance, what you are getting, how much everything will cost you and how long it will take to complete.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority; we know our future success depends on our past.

- FYI -

Most high end basement projects require a combination of several, if not all, of the above discussion to achieve a unique and beautiful custom basement finish. Unfortunately, the time, material and expertise to implement these custom actions necessitate detailed analysis and planning. Therefore, expect $30+/sf pricing for such nonstandard actions.

The Basement Construction Company no longer provides Free Basement Designs and estimates. BCC charges a travel, consultation and if elected, basement measure fee. This fee will be $100. All design plans will cost either $200 or $300 depending on basement size (over/under 1100sf). This design plan will be the property of the Homeowner and may be used for permitting, to collect bids from other General Contractors or the Homeowner may act as the GC and "bid out" the plans to Tradesmen direct.

If BCC is asked to bid the project the HO may request 1 of 3 price quote options:

1. A free verbal price estimate may be sent via e-mail.

. The client may request a written detailed Quote for the entire project for a fee of $125. Detailed written Quotes include: Framing, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Drywall,trim, paint and carpet.If BCC is chosen to build out the entire project this design fee will be credited back to the HO as prepaid deposit.

3. Individual trade quotes may be requested EX. plumbing only- $25ea. As justification for these fees please reread the above paragraphs. BCC seldom is the cheapest priced contractor but never the highest. You will find our designs and pricing details to be invaluable to your project evaluation experience.

We are here to help you with your projects and offer many options to fit your needs. We want to hear from you. Feel free to contact us today.


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